Polish up your applications, Purism will be posting a number of job positions within the next few weeks. The future home of these job postings will be

@todd I hope one of those positions is for a copywriter!

@Mainebot writer / editor is on the roadmap, we should know more after the 1st of July.

@todd this is an exciting development! I'll start getting a portfolio package together now :)

@todd Would one still have a chance at a Purism job if one has previously worked for one of the big-name companies causing the problems you’re trying to solve, or would that previous experience be disqualifying? Would that be worth addressing in a cover letter?

@todd Which developer skill sets will you need?

@jaycie the full stack of developer roles will (likely) have jobs available, from ee, id, md, admin, kernel, os, apps, web.

@todd I'd seriously considering coming out of retirement to work at Purism. Very curious to see if infrastructure and ops roles are among them.

@manimhigh the 'admin' portion of the previous post was referring to the overall system administration, which includes infrastructure and operations.

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