This account @todd effective today April 30th 2019 is moving to @todd Purism's new ethical services bundle. You can join me over there too...

@david.seaward looking forward to a big April announcement...

Librem 5 Developer jobs posted, as well as a documentation engineer role

Finance and Sales positions posted Developer roles of all types will likely get posted in early July.

We have a series A term sheet that should close in the next month or two. We are offering a last-opportunity to invest in our pre-series-A convertible note terms at a reduced minimum investment of $10,000 USD up-to $100,000 USD. Now is the only opportunity you will have to invest in Purism for the foreseeable future.

Please email that you are interested, and the amount you’re interested in, and I will respond with the convertible note agreement to get you papered up.

Polish up your applications, Purism will be posting a number of job positions within the next few weeks. The future home of these job postings will be

Decentralized, self-hosted, and free software, is the only way to go.

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